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Mind Lab and PTC's

Mind lab Post 10/10

The Task:
Create a blog post where you reflect on your personal 32 week learning journey through the whole postgraduate programme with regard to the 12 Practising Teacher Criteria (PTC) in e-learning.
First choose three of the criteria you have met well. Briefly give examples of these from your practice. You can also refer to previous (DCL, LDC, R&C or APC) assessments that you now have as evidence.
Then plan and justify two main goals for your future development.

Completing the postgraduate certificate in Digital and Collaborative Technology over the last forty weeks has been an absolute joy. I have loved it. I have managed the workload alongside leading a busy school and holding a reasonably heavy teaching load as well at times. I remain so glad I have done it. 

Although I have been working in the field of digital technologies for as long as possible- I remember having one of those computers that got passed for teacher to teacher each week in my very first year of teaching in 1997- I learnt something new with these papers every week. I enjoyed being forced into practically experimenting with things I might not have chosen to like robotics.

I am finding it hard to select specific PTC as I believe my involvement withe these papers have strengthened all PTC. If i had to get specific I would say Criteria 4,5 and 7. Not only was this a great way to demonstrate my commitment to my own ongoing learning, it was also a great model for others. I know that staff certainly mentioned thinking about giving up their own study but seeing me persevere with mine with everything else I had to do inspired them to keep going. I loved that the papers were freely developed enough to let us have a real input. Thanks to Tim, in the Gisborne Mindlab for being so keen to hear from us as participants and letting us contribute to sessions and lead parts that were in areas we had specific skills, knowledge and experiences. The papers all gave such worndeful examples and suggestion for promoting collaborative, inclusive environments.

Having that experience last year will be invaluable as I have moved into a new positions where as one of four learning directors, alongside a Principal, I am currently working to design a completely new curriculum for a new school beginning next year. Will definitely be aiming to develop PTC 6 as we do this. As this new school will be strongly bicultural and multicultural everything we do has both  bicultural lens and a multicultural context to it so I will also be working to develop PTC 3 and 10.

Practising Teacher Criteria
Professional relationships and professional values
Criteria 1: Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of all ākonga.
Criteria 2: Demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of ākonga.
Criteria 3: Demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa / New Zealand.
Criteria 4: Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of professional personal practice.
Criteria 5: Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning.
Professional knowledge in practice
Criteria 6: Conceptualise, plan, and implement an appropriate learning programme.
Criteria 7: Promote a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive learning environment.
Criteria 8: Demonstrate in practice their knowledge and understanding of how ākonga learn.
Criteria 9: Respond effectively to the diverse and cultural experiences and the varied strengths, interests, and needs of individuals and groups of ākonga.
Criteria 10: Work effectively within the bicultural context of Aotearoa NZ.
Criteria 11: Analyse and appropriately use assessment and information, which has been gathered formally and informally.

Criteria 12: Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional practice.

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