Thursday, March 3, 2016

Collaborative Practice-Starting It Again

Mindlab Post 6/10  Part B

Create a blog post where you identify and evaluate two contemporary issues or trends that are influencing or shaping NZ or international education, which you find most relevant to your practice.
Elaborate in your own words how you would address those issues or trends in your context within your learning community or professional context. 

Collaborative practice is definitely a  trend influencing New Zealand education at the moment. I have written about this on more than one occasion- examples here (teaching) and here (leading).

Although some of the other concepts of Innovative Learning Environments are taking a little longer to embed, one of the central concepts of collaboration- whether this is teachers working together with larger numbers of students, or leadership being distributed using some very non traditional leadership structures- seems to be taking hold across the country with so much deeper collaboration evident than fifteen years ago when I started working singininfcatly with others to deliver curriculum and leadership. See a post here referring to practice in the early 2000's.

I have been working with teachers to develop their collaborative practice in order to provide a more effective learning experience for their students for many years now. I see so much more willingness and expertse in doing so than I did even five years ago. 

As I now work with a new group of people its important to remember some of those lessons as we develop a way of working that works for us as a team. And and as we very soon look to bring 50 teachers into that new team and put them into a place where they will have to practice collaboratively with strangers from Day 1 in order to set up our new school it will be important to revisit those lessons, to give them time to understand the concept of collaboration before they figure out how to manage and organise for leaning within the new parameters we will all have next time.

The thought is a little scary but a lot exciting!

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