Thursday, February 11, 2016

The First 8 Days at Haeata

It's been so exciting hearing all the chatter from teachers setting up for the new year alongside their learners this week.

For me the last fortnight has been both a recognition of the immense privilege it is to be in a team that has a year to set up a new school, and also developing an understanding of the immenseness of the task ahead of us.

We have been immersed into a world that teachers often don't get a chance to be immersed in. We've visited businesses- marketing, branding, designing, IT services. Apart from the value and services these businesses might be able to add to the development of Haeata Community Campus, it has been so interesting to see the different ways businesses run and to think and talk about how we might learn from those learnings as we design learning for the learners we will have in 2017.

We've done some personality trait testing and participated in some facilitated analysis. Doing in the past helped me to understand ppl I worked with. Having that information at the start of forming a team where everyone is new to the team is again a privilege. I guess our challenge is to use that information to understand and complement each other but not to pigeonhole each other with it.

We visited the site to see the beginnings of the buildings emerge, excitement as some of the stuff we have been talking about becomes more reality when you an see the spaces taking shape.

And the biggest lesson of all, get some covered shoes and keep in the office or car so that I don't have to wear gumboots around the site again! Trudging around site works and buildings in Size 11 gumboots (coz thats all that were available) on a 30 degree balmy Canterbury day for a couple of hours produced a rather hot and sweaty outcome!

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