Monday, August 3, 2015

He Kaiarataki

Blogpost 7 for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Today we had a coordination team meeting for most of the day. We have moved the focus in our time together from some training around some management stuff- timetabling, managing resources etc back to strategic big picture stuff this term.

Today we looked at the concept of narrative assessment and looked at some indicators for whānau engagement and read and critiqued some 'review stories' I had written based on the learning story format.

Once everyone was comfortable with the format all the co-ordination leaders identified one of our six teaching and learning beliefs and went out to somewhere within the school to see if they could find evidence of that principle to write a learning story around.

I think everyone enjoyed the process and by the end of the school day we had seven rich stories full of information bout the learning taking place around the school today , as well as strategies for enhancing it further. 

We have agreed that we will systematically work through our curriculum picture for the year writing narrative assessments with the different elements that make up our curriculum this year so that we build a rich picture of the learning that is happening- the stuff that you cant see by just looking at data and numbers.  As we strategically assess these against the devaluing indicators for the different elements of our curriculum this will give us some real strategic goals to move into next year with.

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