Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He Kaiako

Blogpost 3 for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Today I am writing this as we wind up the third night at Mindlab where there are a group of local educators working towards a postgraduate certificate in digital and collaborative technology. 

Tonight we have learnt some basic programming and made music using play dough and assortment of toys in collaborative groups. We have discussed collaborative learning and assessed rubrics about them. We've completed a survey about educational researchers using a google form and looked at the results. 

We've explored digital tools to make compiling and accessing research easier. 

And while this has all been great learning- and I've certainly learnt new things and been pushed out of my comfort zone to explore things I might not choose to when left to myself the most valuable thing of Mindlab I am already coming to appreciate is that forced thinking, reflection and discussion time.

To be physically in a space for four hours, where you are exploring and thinking and discussing and justifying, sharing, listening and learning seems like a real luxury in todays world. It's already making me realise that I can lead very busy days and I need to make sure I continue to make time to do this. 

It's such an important part of learning and one that can go in the busy-ness of a leaders life.

I love learning- but as well as my usual work I am also completing my last Bachelors paper at Uni and doing a Te Reo online course. Sometimes I get caught up in getting assignments completed rather than focusing on the learning (exactly what we get frustrated with our senior students doing with NCEA) 

So I'm now seeing Mindlab as a great privilege to be part of. Its affording me the opportunity to me, take stock, really think and justify some of my learning beliefs. It is helping me ensure I am being a real learner.

And I'm looking forward to the seven hour drive with Morgan and Tara to Palmy and back at the weekend for Educamp. Was kind of wandering if I should be going with all the assignments I have due and the times Im away int he ext three weeks. But the thought of seven hours of time to talk about the stuff we are thinking and doing and seeing. And then a day at educamp talking with lots of different people. And then a seven hour drive home to talk more with Morgan and tara about what we learn during the day is exciting!

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